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Cool Planet Experience launched in Powerscourt, County Wicklow

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The ‘Cool Planet Experience’ was launched yesterday, January 10th 2018, in Powerscourt, Co Wicklow.  Sir Richard Branson was on hand to do the ribbon cutting at the event, and to share his direct experience of climate change when he and his family bunkered down on Necker Island while a Category 4 hurricane ripped through the Caribbean.

What is the Cool Planet Experience?

The Cool Planet Experience is the world’s first permanent visitor centre dedicated to climate change and connects science, engineering, gaming and drama to present the story of climate change in a new way. It Is due to open to the public in mid-February. It is the first of 10 that are planned to open around the world in the next 3 years.

It takes about an hour to complete, and is full of interesting facts and games centred around climate change. It personalises the story to you – at the start you receive a wristband that you tag on, and enter simple information about your day-to-day life. This is then collated to tell you your carbon footprint (demonstrated by the amount of trees it is equivalent to!).

As you go through the centre, you tag on to different interactions or games, culminating at the end with an opportunity to make a pledge. Simplifying the message for our younger generations, this is a fantastic opportunity for kids and adults alike to have a real understanding of climate change issues facing Ireland. More than that, it provides visitors with an opportunity to have a better understanding of their own personal impact and the magnitude of the global challenge ahead.

The Cool Planet Experience will be a fantastic day out for everyone, so if you are heading to Powerscourt make sure you stop by and visit. They are particularly focusing on school groups, so make sure if you have kids in primary or secondary that you start spreading the word. Coupled with Powerscourt gardens it could be a great excursion day for the kids.

Cool Planet Champions

Last year the EPA sponsored the Cool Planet Champions programme, which saw the training of 26 Champions that are available in every county in Ireland to give climate change presentations or to become involved in climate action within their local communities. A very big thank you to EPA Chief Climate Scientist Dr Frank McGovern who helped with the training element of the Cool Planet Champions, and is an advisor to the Cool Planet Experience.

You can contact Cool Planet Experience if you want your local champion to come to your business, group, school or organisation for a free, interactive presentation on climate change, what it means for Ireland and what it means for you.

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