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Cycle 3 Draft Catchment Assessments – published September 2021

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About these DRAFT Cycle 3 Catchment Assessments


Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA40_Donagh_Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA39_Lough Swilly Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA38_Gweebarra Sheephaven Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA37_Donegal Bay North Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA36_Erne Catchment Report_14122020.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA35_Sligo Bay and Drowes Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA34_Moy Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA33_Blacksod-Broadhaven Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA32_Errif-Clew Bay Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA31_Galway Bay North Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA30_Corrib Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA29_Galway Bay South East Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA28_Mal Bay Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA27_Shannon Estuary North Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26G_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26F_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26E_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26D_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26C_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26B_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA26A_Upper Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA25D_Lower Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA25C_Lower Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA25B_Lower Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA25A_Lower Shannon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA24_Shannon Estuary South Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA23_Tralee Bay-Feale Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA22_Laune Maine Dingle Bay Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA21_Dunmanus Bantry Kenmare_ Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA20_Bandon Ilen Catchment Report_21122020.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA19_19 Lee, Cork Harbour and Youghal Bay Catchment Summary WFD Cycle 3.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA18_Blackwater Munster Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA17_Colligan_Mahon Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA16_Suir_Catchment_Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA15_Nore Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA14_Barrow Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA13_Ballyteigue_Bannow_16122020.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA12_Slaney Wexford Harbour Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA11_Owenavorragh Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA10_Ovoca-Vartry Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA09_Liffey and Dublin_Catchment Report_Draft.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA08_Nanny_Delvin_Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA07_Boyne_Catchment_Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA06_Newry, Fane, Glyde and Dee Catchment Report_Draft.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA03_Lough Neagh-Lower Bann Catchment Report.pdf  Download  
Draft_3rd_Cycle_HA01_Foyle_Catchment_Report.pdf  Download  


Who is involved?

Quite simply, everyone in Ireland has a role to play. This can be from something as simple as making sure you don’t pollute your local stream, or a local community working together to establish a Rivers Trust to enhance the rivers and lakes in their area, to a Government Department or Agency helping a Minister implement a new policy to help protect and enhance all our water bodies.

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Local Authority Waters Programme

The Local Authority Waters Programme coordinates the efforts of local authorities and other public bodies in the implementation of the River Basin Management Plan, and supports local community and stakeholder involvement in managing our natural waters, for everyone’s benefit.


Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA is responsible for coordinating the monitoring, assessment and reporting on the status of our 4,842 water bodies, looking at trends and changes, determining which waterbodies are at risk and what could be causing this, and drafting environmental objectives for each.


Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage

The Department is responsible for making sure that the right policies, regulations and resources are in place to implement the Water Framework Directive, and developing a River Basin Management Plan and Programme of Measures to protect and restore our waters.